Zombie Network

Zombie Network Overview

Introduction of Zombie Network Service

The Zombie Network Service is a DeFi 3.0 project of new concept based on Klaytn which provides a fixed interest rate of 1% per day. Its official token name is BLD (BLOOD token).
The participants of the Zombie Network receive 1% of interest per day and can earn up to 365% of their investment. The participants can frequently withdraw their daily interest profit, but they can get a high compound interest rate profit by redepositing the amount. They can also quickly increase their accumulated profit by utilizing the recommender reward system.
A 5% to 10% tax is imposed to all transactions such as purchase, deposit, re-deposit, withdrawal, sale, and transfer of BLOOD tokens, and all these taxes are accumulated in the tax pool. Interest and reward paid to participants are given from the money accumulated in this tax pool.
The Zombie Network operates the BLD-KLAY liquidity pool. Liquidity can be provided to the BLD-KLAY pool by utilizing a single KLAY coin, and KLAY coins are given as reward.
DeFi 3.0: DeFi 2.0 is a service represented by Olympus DAO, and so far, more than 100 similar services have been launched. Early DeFi services depended only on investors for the supply of liquidity, so there was a problem that the ecosystem suddenly collapsed when investors release liquidity and leave according to the market situation.
DeFi 2.0 introduced a method in which the protocol directly supplies liquidity to solve this problem, and it tried to provide high returns by distributing the premium of the price of the token which new investors purchase to existing staking investors.
However, the rate of return collapses rapidly as DeFi 2.0 investors frequently release staking depending on market situation and leave the service, and the inflow of new investors decreases.
DEFI 3.0 is a new concept of DeFi service, which maintains the advantages of Defi 2.0 that the protocol itself supplies its liquidity, utilizes the TAX System to ensure a definite rate of return based on Smart Contract, and stabilizes the price based on deflationary token that reduces token distribution amount. The Zombie Network service is the first DeFi 3.0 service developed by Klaytn Chain.

Zombie Network Story

After the great natural disaster, due to a virus all living things on Earth turned into zombies. When they got used to the life of a zombie, there were rumors that someone found a way that they can go back to the state before they became zombies. It is said that if someone collects the Blood coming from a spring in the area called the zombie network, he/she can gradually recover his/her body and eventually escape from the zombie state. After hearing the rumors, the zombies made their own groups and left for the zombie network to look for the spring from which Blood came from. From the spring, the Blood was flowing out one drop a day, so they fought to take up the spring. They did not die easily, so the scene that they fought each other day or night was horrific. Many zombies gathered in the zombie network, and several springs were created around them while fighting to take up the spring. As more zombies gathered in the zombie network, the more springs were made. The zombies stopped fighting and tried to understand the situation. “We don’t have to fight each other to collect blood. We can collect it just by bringing more zombies.” “Let’s work together to create a spring!” With shouting, the zombies started moving to bring more zombies. Escaping from zombie state using more zombies and more blood
Since entering the DeFi world, we have heard a lot of rumors and have been interested in various DeFi projects here and there. Sometimes we made a profit, but most of the time we lost money. We have experienced many moments when we have had to be frustrated by the tyranny of whales with their financial and informational powers. Eventually even companies that guarantee high returns are unable to cope with the situation of the drop of token price.
Tokens that we have painstakingly invest have become zombie tokens that no one wants to trade, and we, investors, have fallen in a zombie-like investment situation in which we can neither do this nor that. The zombie network was born for us who suffer from such a situation.
The Zombie Network guarantees a fixed interest rate that does not change over time, and the token distribution amount decreases, so its token price has higher upside potential. It is a place where it is equipped with various devices so that whales cannot easily rule tyrannically, and participants can maximize profits through long-term reinvestment.
It is said that zombies drink human blood to survive. However, special blood (BLOOD tokens) provided by the zombie network can transform zombies into humans.
Please stay in the zombie network and collect enough BLOOD tokens. You can collect the BLOOD tokens of the zombie network much faster by teaming up with nearby zombie friends rather than collecting them alone.
We hope that we can escape from zombie-like investing practices and enjoy financial freedom through the zombie network.