1% Fixed Interest Profit Per Day

Investors can deposit BLOOD tokens after purchasing them from the Zombie Network. The Zombie Network makes a payment of 1% daily interest profit for BLOOD token deposits that investors deposit. It will continue to pay until the amount of the cumulative interest payments are up to 365% of the deposits. It is called the Max Payout.

Investors cannot withdraw their deposits, but they can withdraw the daily interest profit of 1% from time to time. If they continue to withdraw daily interest profit of 1%, they can recover their initial investment in about 4 months considering tax payment. They can continue to withdraw it until the accumulated interest payment becomes 365% of the principal.

The Zombie Network Service makes a payment of a fixed profit of 1% a day. The contract content for 1% interest payment a day is guaranteed by the Smart Contract. No one can change it and it isn’t lapse. As long as this project exists, BLOOD tokens will be surely paid.

You can maximize your profits by compounding without withdrawing the daily 1% interest profit that you get every day in the Zombie Network. When all interest profits of 1% per day is withdrawn, the annual return is 365% (before deducting tax), while when you do not withdraw daily interest profit and get daily compounded profit by redepositing all interest profits, the annual return is 3,154% (redeposits tax of 5% applied, and before deduction of other taxes). ([Reference] Investment Simulation & Investment Strategy)

A 10% tax is imposed on all transactions related to BLOOD tokens on the Zombie Network, while only a 5% tax is imposed on redeposits. This is to encourage participants to use the redeposit function for increasing their return on investment. It is said that Albert Einstein once said that the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. The power of compound interest will dramatically increase your assets. The core of the investment in the Zombie Network is to obtain compound interest through redeposits.

When you redeposit without withdrawing interest profit, the total amount of your deposit will increase. If the total amount of your deposit increases, the maximum amount of profit you can withdraw up to 365% of your deposit will also increase. When you continue to follow this re-deposit process, the total amount of your deposit and the resulting amount of 365% maximum return will also increase exponentially. However, The Zombie Network has limited the maximum amount of withdrawal (Max Payout) to 100,000 BLOOD tokens for the stability and sustainability of the project. For reference, the maximum amount of withdrawal includes the amount sold after withdrawal and the amount redeposited after withdrawal. In other words, when interest is generated, it is withdrawn first, then redeposited or sold. Finally, the maximum amount of withdrawal becomes the same as the maximum amount of interest.

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