Referral Reward System

Referral Designation Registration

The Zombie Network operates a referral designation subscription system based on recommendations among acquaintances for the expansion of the network and enhancement of sustainability. In order to participate in the Zombie Network, it is necessary to register the wallet address of the referral who has already deposited in the Zombie Network when purchasing BLOOD tokens and depositing them. The wallet address of the referral registered for the first time cannot be changed. In this way, the registered referral becomes the direct upper line of the first step in the 15-step reward payment system. When there are no acquaintances or referrals participating in the Zombie Network, the referral reward can be used for the purpose of “supporting marketing and development” by registering the project team as a referral.

Unlike the general multilevel marketing method, an upper line referral is needed to participate in the service, but it is not necessary to have a lower line. When you do not have the lower line, you cannot receive the reward of the referral reward system for maintaining the lower line, but you can use all services including the service of the creation of 1% interest profit per day through the deposit provided by the Zombie Network and the creation of daily compound profit through re-deposits.

Referral Reward Payment Method

The referral reward system is basically a system that provides reward to the upper line when the lower line participants increase their deposits through deposit or redeposit (Compound). When there is a deposit in the lower line, an amount equivalent to 10% of the amount increased through the deposit is paid to the upper line in the tax pool as reward. For reference, the deposit, which is the basis for the reward at this time, is 90% of the amount added to the actual deposit after deducting 10% of the tax for the deposit from the amount originally intended to be deposited.

In the case of redeposit, an amount equivalent to 5% of the deposit increased through redeposit is paid to the upper line in the tax pool as reward. The deposit, which is the basis of the reward paid at this time, is 95% of the amount added to the actual deposit after deducting 5% of the tax for the redeposit from the amount originally intended for redeposit. The rewards obtained through this referral reward system are paid and deposited directly into the deposits of the upper line without going through the wallet of the upper line that receives the reward.

The Zombie Network operates a unique upper line reward system to provide fair rewards and improve network power. When a 10% or 5% reward is paid to the upper line according to the deposit or re-deposit of a specific lower line participant, the reward is not always paid only to the first-level upper line next above the lower line participant. referral rewards are paid in order (Round Robin System method) to the 15th step upper line of a specific participant. In other words, this is the reward payment method where when a specific upper line participant receives a reward thanks to deposit or re-deposit of a certain lower line participant and then this lower line participant deposits or redeposits again, the reward skips the upper line that received the reward just before and is paid to the one step upper line above it.

Qualifications for Referral Reward Receipt

When introducing the referral reward system, the Zombie Network is designed so that rewards are given evenly to participants who have contributed to the maintenance and expansion of the network. When a participant in the upper line of a specific step among the 15 upper line steps reaches the order to receive the reward, he/she can receive the reward by meeting the following qualification conditions.

First condition: Net Deposit Value must be positive. Net deposit value is calculated as {Deposits amount + Airdrop transfer amount + Compound amount} - Claim amount. This condition is prepared to encourage network participants to stay in the network for as long as possible and continue reinvesting rather than claiming frequently.

Second condition: It needs to hold Bloody NFT that meets the reward conditions for each lower line step. The amount of Bloody NFTs needed to receive reward by step of the lower line is as follows: For example, you must have 7 Bloody NFTs to receive reward for investment activities (deposit and re-deposit) of the third lower line. You can purchase Bloody NFTs from the NFT store on the website to receive referral reward.

Bloody NFT: The Zombie Network provides a means to reinforce zombie abilities by applying NFT technology to DeFi services. You must have Bloody NFTs to receive the referral reward. The more Bloody NFTs you have, the more referral reward you can obtain and the faster you can reach your maximum profit target.

Bloody NFT is an image symbolizing various tools that zombies need. It consists of various types of NFTs. Users can purchase any type of Bloody NFT they want, and there is no difference in functionality between Bloody NFTs. Regardless of the type, you only need to hold the amount of Bloody NFT you need for each step of lower line.

Lower line accessible

Required amount of Bloody NFTs




3 -> 5


5 -> 7


8 -> 12


13 -> 19


21 -> 31


34 -> 50


55 -> 81


89 -> 131


144 -> 212


233 -> 343


377 -> 555


610 -> 898


987 -> 1453


1,597 -> 2351

You can receive the reward only when you become the order in which you can receive the reward and both above two conditions are met. When the upper line does not meet the qualification to receive the reward, the right to receive the reward is given to the one step upper line again, and the qualification is reviewed again in the same way. When there are no recipients who can meet the conditions for receiving the reward even for 15th step upper line, the reward will be removed, and the next will return to the beginning and start over from the first step upper line.

*Updates : The supply of NFTs has been increased in the area of ​​consultation with the community to adjust the selling price and supply of NFTs. Accordingly, the required amount of Bloody NFTs has been raised to prevent the referral reward inflation that may occur due to the increased supply.

Referral Team System Operation

The Zombie Network further activates network participation by using the referral reward system and operates a referral team system for expansion of the network through team building. When the first step lower line of a specific participant consists of more than 5 people, a referral team is made around the participant. When a member of the referral team makes a deposit, only the amount of 7.5% of the 10% reward is provided to the referral from the tax pool and the amount equivalent to 2.5% is returned to the team members. If a team member re-deposits, the reward is provided to the referral and 2.5% is returned to the team members. The team leader can build a team while increasing more team members by utilizing the advantages of the referral team system.

The Zombie Network platform has the function with which team leader can easily manage team members to smoothly perform team operation, check the investment status of team members, and provide airdrop to them. One of the best investment strategies using the Zombie Network is to focus on team management activities such as forming a team of referrals and returning profits from rewards through airdrop. When the deposit and redeposit activities of the team's lower line are activated, you can obtain more referral rewards and can shorten the time as much as possible to reach the maximum withdrawal amount of 100,000.

In general, long-term growth of DeFi services depends on the powerful community and the extension of network power, and even DAO concept, which enables investors to actively participate in project operations, is being introduced for them. The referral team system of the Zombie Network is designed to enable these concepts to work systematically. First, we made it possible to build a strong community base for each small team before a community for all investors by providing a referral team reward system and team management function. We plan to operate a referral team and expand it to a DAO system in which all the people who have Bloody NFTs can participate.

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