Q1: I made a re-deposit without making a claim, but the claim amount goes up.

A1: Re-deposit is a function that makes claims and deposits at the same time. 10% on claim 10% on deposit Re-deposit Tax discount to encourage redeposit activity by only charging 5% tax at a time. As claims and deposits are processed in this function, the amount of claims also increases.

Q2: When a team is formed, 7.5% to the team leader and 2.5% to team members out of 10% of the reward when depositing, how is the re-deposit (5%) paid?

A2: For the 5% compensation paid when re-depositing, 3.75% to the team leader and 1.25% to the team member

Q3: Five people have formed a lower line. For the first four people, 10% went up to the upper line when depositing, and only the 5th team member 7.5% went up to the upper line.

A3: A team is formed when 5 or more team members make a deposit. Since the wallets of the previous four were deposited in a non-team wallet, all 10% of the reward goes up to the top line.

Q4: If I pre-register 5 or more team members, will the team members benefit from the 7.5% tax on deposit?

A4: A team is formed when 5 team members make an actual deposit, and rewards are applied from the time the team is formed. Even if you register a team member, the team will not be formed unless the actual deposit has been made.

Q5: I deposited both the whitelist lockup volume and the public lockup volume, but only the whitelist lockup volume went to the upper line, and the public lockup volume did not go to the upper line.

A5: Each deposit is raised in a round-robin manner. The whitelist lockup volume deposit and the public lockup volume are different deposits, so they go up in order.

Q6: The BLOOD tokens I bought in FreeLunch are not visible in my wallet.

A6: BLOOD tokens purchased during the pre-launch period can be checked in the Lockup menu.

Q7: What is the minimum deposit amount?

A7: The minimum amount required for the first deposit is 5 BLD or more, and the minimum deposit amount thereafter is 1 BLD.

Q8: Can I use the Zombie Network without a team?

A8: In order to deposit BLOOD tokens on the Zombie Network, team registration is required in advance. If there is no recommended team to register, you can use it by connecting to the protocol wallet through the 'Support Community' button.

Q9: If I deposit 100BLD in a lower line, will 10% of 10 BLD be paid to the upper line?

A9: In the case of a referral reward, 10% of the actual deposit is paid as a reward, not the amount deposited. When depositing 100BLD, 9BLD, which is 10% of 90BLD, is paid to the upper line because 90BLD is actually deposited except for 10% TAX.

Q10: BLD received airdrop is not confirmed in my wallet.

A10: Airdrop is a concept that is added to your Staking deposit, not to your wallet.

Q11: Isn't interest paid after 365 days?

A11: As the concept of paying interest until it reaches 365% of the deposit, not the concept of paying interest over the period of 365 days, the longer the deposit through re-deposit, the longer the period and compensation will increase.

Q12: What do I do with the json-rpc error?

A12: For RPC errors in the MetaMask wallet, please delete the network and connect to the zombie network again and add the network before proceeding. If the problem still persists, please register the RPC link as 'https://klaytn01.fandom.finance/' and use it. Please check that the gas ratio settings below are also properly set.

Q13: Klaytn does not transfer from metamask.(Type of problem related to metamask gas ratio setting)

A13: 1. In the metamask settings, change the Enable Enhanced Gas Fee UI in the experimental settings to on. 2. When you try to transmit Klaytn, click the fox picture on the gas bill setting screen that appears. 3. Select Advanced and set GWEI to 750, 750, and set the maximum gas limit in small print below to 800000 (800,000). 4. Always use these values and advanced settings as defaults. Check the checkbox that says and save. 5. Send Klaytn.

Q14: My transaction fails.

A14: You must have a sufficient amount of gas in your wallet. It is recommended to request a transaction after holding 3 clay or more.

Q15: I cannot deposit.

A15: Before depositing, please be sure to register the team leader first and proceed with the deposit after the team leader makes the deposit.

Q16: Can I stake only half of the lockup amount and receive half of it linearly?

A16: Staking is only possible for the entire remaining locked-up quantity, and you cannot select a partial quantity.

Q17: Can I transfer the lockup amount to another wallet?

A17: BLOOD tokens purchased during the pre-launch period are locked up and only the total amount can be deposited. BLOOD tokens distributed linearly during the 90-day lock-up period can be transferred, but it is not possible to transfer the lock-up quantity.

Q18: I don't know why the airdrop Sent / Received amount has increased.

A18: The standard for airdrop sent/received is the owner of the wallet address, sent is the total amount of airdrops the wallet owner has airdropped to others, and received is the total amount the wallet owner has received airdrops from others.

If you deposit or re-deposit, if the person receiving the referral reward is your team wallet, a reward equivalent to 2.5% will be returned to you. The amount of BLD equal to 2.5% each is added to the recipient's and recipient's Received.

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