The Lottery Obsessed Zombie (LOZ)

LOZ Overview

LOZ is a game service developed based on the Lottery mechanism and introduced the algorithm of slot machines in places like Las Vegas. If the existing LAZ game was a game method with time constraints, LOZ can freely play slots anytime, anywhere and become the protagonist of the jackpot.

More specific LOZ features are as follows:

1. Maximum expected return with minimum LAZ participation cost

Participate in the LOZ slot game with a small amount of 1-100 BLD, but you will receive up to 50 times the prize money when you win, and by depositing it, you can earn additional interest income every day.

2. Effect of continuous influx of new users

In the case of LOZ, it is a slot game that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and new users continue to flow in, contributing to the expansion of the zombie network ecosystem.

3. Stable textpool operation

All the money collected from the LOZ operation is continuously accumulated as a text pool of the zombie network. Due to the continuous participation of new and existing users in the LOZ, the textpool gradually increases, and accordingly, the interest compensation paid to the users in the textpool can be operated more stably.

How to participate in LOZ

Participation in the LOZ game is simple. First, purchase the BLD required to participate and hold it in your wallet.

The number of BLDs you can participate in at one time is limited from 1 to 100 BLDs, but there is no limit to the number of times you can play per day. BLD equivalent to 10% of the participation amount will be transferred to the tax pool when participating, and the remaining 90% will participate in the game. There is a 10% tax on the first play of each game, but no 10% tax on replays with the winnings from winnings.

ex) If you start the game with the first 10 BLD, a 10% tax will be incurred and the game participation amount will be determined with 9 BLD. If I win X5, my game BLD is 45 BLD ( 9 X 5 = 45). If you retry, if you only bet 5 BLD, there will be no additional tax on 5 BLD. However, if you play the game again with 10 BLD after losing all 45 BLD you have, 10% of the initial participation amount, 1 BLD, will be accrued as tax.

When you play after entering the amount to participate, the slot is activated and the result of the game appears on the screen.

As with the rules in the game win table, the results are as follows.

  1. 3 blood token pictures = 50 times the participation fee

  2. 7(seven) 3 pictures = 30 times the participation fee

  3. 3 Bloody pictures = 10 times the participation fee

  4. 3 grapes = 5 times the participation fee

  5. 3 orange pictures = 5 times the participation fee

  6. 3 banana pictures = 5 times the participation fee

  7. There are 2 Bloody pictures = 3 times the participation fee

  8. 1 Bloody picture exists = 2 times the participation fee

All results other than the above are bang.

If the result is one of the above winning results, you will be able to retry or receive the prize BLD along with the winnings, and you can continue to participate in the game.

Winning Prize Policy

If you stop playing LOZ, you can receive the profits you have played so far, and there are two ways to receive it.

  1. Deposit 100% of the winning amount In this way, you can receive the entire winnings you have secured as your own deposit.

  2. Receive 70% of the winning amount to your wallet In this way, 30% of the currently secured winning prize is taxed, and you can receive the rest of the amount excluding tax in your wallet. The tax is subject to change depending on the operating situation, and the initial tax is set at 30%.

LOZ User's Guide

  1. You can play LOZ games from the LOZ menu. First, click the Play button.

2. Click the LOZ Approve button to confirm the transaction.

3. Enter the amount of BLD to play LOZ. You can input from a minimum of 1 BLD to a maximum of 100 BLD as shown in the guide. If you win the game, you can continue playing the game, and the first game entry fee is 10% tax. After entering the quantity, press the Play button to start the game.

4. Check the result after playing the game. In the case below, because 3 oranges were drawn, you will receive a prize money equal to 5 times the participation fee. For the first game, a prize of 4.5 BLD will be awarded as a 10% tax will be charged.

5. If you have won the LOZ game, the following screen will appear. If you click the Continue button, you can play LOZ continuously with the winning prize. If you click the Stop button, you can claim your winning prize.

5-1) When the Continue button is clicked If you participate in the game continuously, you can freely play LOZ within the winnings. There is no tax on winnings for re-entry. For example, if you enter the game by entering 1 BLD and you get 3 identical oranges, you will get 5 BLD instead of 4.5 BLD.

5-2) When the Stop button is clicked

There are two ways to win LOZ winnings.

  1. You can deposit BLD for the entire winnings through the Receive by Airdrop button. If BLD tokens are not deposited in the wallet, the winnings will not be paid.

  2. The Receive by Wallet button allows you to pay 30% tax on your winnings and receive them to your wallet.

6. If you do not win the LOZ game, the following screen appears. The Replay button allows you to play LOZ for the same amount as the previous game. If you do not want to play any more, you can exit through the Confirm button.

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