NFT Store

This the function that you can use to purchase Bloody NFTs and manage your Bloody NFTs. You must hold Bloody NFT to receive rewards of the lower line by the referral reward system. You can purchase an

NFT Store

This is the function that you can use to purchase Bloody NFTs. The amount of Bloody NFTs that you can sell is limited and there are many types of Bloody NFTs. You can choose the Bloody NFTs you want and purchase the required amount, and there is no difference in function by type. The level of a Bloody NFT is measured according to the total number of NFTs you hold, regardless of the item type. Here, level means the same number as step of lower line in the referral reward system. ([Reference] referral Reward System) For example, Bloody in a wallet that hold 1,597 or more Bloody NFTs is leveled up to level 15, and it means that those who are up to the 15th step lower line can get all tax rewards.

The Bloody NFTs that enhances Bloody are produced by various parts, and there are various items in each part. Each item is sold only in limited amount, and there will be no plans to issue again the Bloody NFTs with the same image. Since Bloody NFT is an essential element of the Zombie Network's recommender reward system, the number of users subscribed to the Zombie Network increases. can. But the quantity will be minimized.

We will inform you in detail how to sell Bloody NFTs.


This is the function that you can use to confirm the Bloody NFTs that you purchase and to strengthen your Bloody by equipping the desired items for each part. You can equip only one item per part, and it functions to decorate your Bloody, but there is no functional difference depending on which item is equipped. In the future, My Bloody will be used as a bulletin board for promotion or as a function of My Profile, and we will continuously increase the usability in various ways.

How to use

  1. Bloody NFT minting is conducted within our website, and you can check it by going to the NFT Store page. When you click the NFT Store menu, the following screen appears. At the top, there is an avatar image that allows you to equip your Bloody with a Bloody NFT, and you can equip 1 NFT for each part. There are currently 5 types of parts sold: ears, hats, eyes, accessories, and clothes. The time indicated in the middle indicates the available time for purchase of the part. Each part will be sold for 5 days for 24 hours only, and the remaining unsold items will be opened in the market at an increased price after the 5 days of pre-launch are finished.

2. Bloody NFT is sold in the NFT Store tab, click the Bloody NFT you want to purchase and click the Buy button. *The contents marked on the item are as follows.

  • [part name]

  • Item name

  • Price

  • Number of NFTs remaining

3. When you click the Buy button, a purchase confirmation window appears. Enter the quantity you want to purchase and click the Buy button to purchase. After entering the quantity, the total purchase amount is displayed on the screen, and after final confirmation, click the Buy button. *To prevent monopoly, there is a limit of 5 purchases per NFT of one image.

4. When the purchase is complete, the purchase confirmation window closes, and you can go to the Inventory tab to check the purchased NFT. After purchase, it may take some time to be saved to Inventory, and if it does not arrive right away, do not panic, wait and try again, and you can confirm that the NFT was purchased normally.

5. You can mouse over the NFT in Inventory to see the stat and ID numbers.

6. Here is the description of wearing the Bloody NFT. If you select the Bloody NFT you want, the item is equipped in the upper avatar area, and you can check the appearance of Bloody wearing the item.

7. When Bloody NFT is equipped, you can check Bloody's detailed stat information through the tooltip next to the level indicator.

  • Total NFT : The number of Bloody NFTs present in the wallet

  • NDV Score (Net Deposit Value): The net deposit amount is calculated as {deposits amount + airdrop transfer amount + compound amount} - claim amount.

  • Each State: The unique stats of the equipped Bloody NFT are displayed.

  • Total score: Shows the total sum of the stats of the 5 parts. (Tiers vary depending on the total stat points, and benefits for each tier exist differently.)

8. If you want to finally save the equipped Bloody NFT combination after wearing it, you can save it by clicking the Save button. The saved combination is saved on the contract, and you can check the saved Bloody when you go to the Inventory tab. *Because the Save function is a kind of transaction, there is a gas fee. Therefore, please be careful about using Save frequently.

9. If you want to unequip all the Bloody NFTs at once, you can press the ‘Reset’ button to release them.

*Detailed Bloody NFT sale information and event details can be viewed in detail through the medium link below.

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