This provides the function that you can use to register a Zombie Network referral and manage a team such as Team Viewer and Airdrop. You must register a referral to deposit BLOOD tokens. You can inqui

Zombie Team: Referral Team Promotion List

The Zombie Network runs a referral reward system to revitalize the community and strengthen the network. If it has a first lower line of 5 or more referral, it will be promoted to a team. When you become a member of a referral who has been promoted to a team, you can receive a buyback of 2.5% of the 10% transaction tax imposed on deposits and redeposits.

At the top of this page, you will see a list of excellent referral teams. Up to 50 teams with high activity indexes that reflect various indicators are selected as the excellent referral team. New investors can register their own referrals and become a member of the team by referring to the list of excellent referrals.

It can be a stronger promotional marketing than through any other social media that you are selected as an excellent referral and promote your wallet address and policy on the team promotion list. With a good team management policy, you can get more and more team members and increase rewards quickly with your team members.

We will inform you in detail how to select an excellent referral team.

Get a Team: Rreferral Registration Function

It is necessary to register as a referral to deposit BLOOD tokens on the Zombie Network. When registering a referral, you have to register the wallet address (minimum one-time deposit) that the referral is using by connecting to the Zombie Network. You just need to register once as a referral at the time of initial deposit and it cannot be changed later. A registered referral becomes the first upper line under the referral reward system.

If you do not have an acquaintance to register as a referral, you can register as a referral by selecting Support Community. All referral rewards received from the wallet are used only for the investor community of the Zombie Network. Using these funds, we plan to provide Airdrop rewards through regular events to teams and team members with excellent team activities (attracting new users, re-deposit frequency, Bloody NFT purchases, etc.). Specific event policies, etc. will be announced later as soon as they are confirmed.

Player Lookup: Participant Inquiry Function of Zombie Network

This is the function that you can use to inquire the investment status of participants who deposit their investment in the Zombie Network. You can use it usefully when managing the referral team members.

When you enter the wallet address of the participant you want to inquire and click the Search button, you can see the number of the participant's first lower lines, the number of team members of the total lower lines, the current deposit amount, the amount of airdrop sent or received, the latest date of sending airdrop, etc.

Team Management & Airdrop Function

Team Viewer: This displays the team composition status of a participant. Not only your first lower line but also a total of 15 steps lower lines is schematically displayed.

Team Airdrop: This is the function that you can use to send airdrop to team members. You can send them after setting airdrop sending criteria, total sending amount, and receiving target.

Direct Airdrop: This is the function that you can use to send airdrop to individual participants in the Zombie Network. You can use this function by entering the wallet address of the participant who will receive the airdrop and the amount of the airdrop to send and clicking the SEND button.

Airdrop: Airdrop of zombie network is somewhat different from normal airdrop. Those who can receive Airdrop are users who have deposited more than the minimum amount (10 BLD) by participating in the zombie network service. And when airdrop is done, it is not transferred to the wallet of the user who received the airdrop, but directly to the zombie network deposit of the account. In addition, BLOOD token tax system is applied during airdrop, deducting 10% and only 90% is transferred.

How to register for a team

  1. Team registration is available on our website, and you can check it by going to the Team page. In order to deposit BLOOD tokens on the Staking page of the Zombie Network, team registration is required in advance.

2. In Get a Team, enter the wallet address to be registered in the address and click the Join button to add a team. After registering the team, you can deposit in the Staking menu.

3. If you enter the correct wallet address, you can see that the Join button is activated.


If the wallet address entered in the address field is not registered because it has not yet been deposited in the Zombie Network, the following information window appears. Team registration of wallet addresses not deposited in the Zombie Network is possible, but team members cannot deposit until the team leader deposits them. Also, once registered, the team leader cannot be changed, so be sure to check the notes below.

4. If you want to register a protocol wallet as a team instead of another user's wallet address, click the Support Community button shown below and complete the transaction to register the protocol wallet as a team.

5. When team registration is complete, the wallet address you registered with appears in the current team field as shown in the picture below.

How to use the promotion board

  1. There is a publicity bulletin board at the top of the Team menu. Zombies who have obtained the right to use the bulletin board in the Zombie Network can promote their team using the bulletin board.

Zombie Network users can strategically choose the team leader who gives the best benefit to them by looking at the policies of the team leaders posted on the publicity bulletin board. Click the View More button to see more details. You can register the desired team by copying the team's wallet address using the copy button shown in the picture below.

2. Users who can use the publicity bulletin board are displayed with the Edit button to create a bulletin board. Even after creating the bulletin board, you can use the Edit button to edit the contents of the bulletin board.

3. If you click the Edit button, a window where you can create a publicity bulletin board appears.

  • Team Name : This is the field to write the team name displayed at the top.

  • Content : This is the space to write promotional content.

4. Write the content you want to register on the publicity bulletin board as shown in the picture below. After writing all the text, click the Save button to complete the transaction.

5. When the transaction is completed, you can check that the content you wrote is registered on the publicity bulletin board as shown in the picture below.

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