NFT Plan

** About Bloody NFT Pre-launch

  1. Total Mint: 20,000 pieces(20 types of 1000 each)

  • Ear decorations (4 types): 4,000 pieces (1000 X 4)

  • Hat decorations (4 types): 4,000 pieces (1000 X 4)

  • Eye decorations (4 types): 4,000 pieces (1000 X 4)

  • Accessory decoration (4 types): 4,000 pieces (1000 X 4)

  • Clothing decorations (4 types): 4,000 pieces (1000 X 4)

2. Price:

  • 1st day : 100 KLAY , amount : 4000

  • 2nd day : 115 KLAY , amount : 4000

  • 3rd day : 140 KLAY , amount : 4000

  • 4th day: 165 KLAY , amount : 4000

  • 5th day : 190 KLAY , amount : 4000

3. Sales Period: 4/6 (Wed) 11am ~ 4/11 (Mon) 11am (5 days) UTC * After the pre-launch, the remaining quantity will continue to be sold in the NFT Store. (Price of 1 = 200KLAY)

4. Sales method: Only one type (parts) per day is sold for 24 hours * From 11 am on the day to 11 am the next day * Daily sales: 4,000 pieces (one type sold in 5 days) * To prevent monopoly, there is a limit of 5 purchases per NFT of one image. Since 4 images are sold per day, the maximum number of purchases per day is limited to 20.

* Value of Bloody NFT

1. Governance NFT of Zombie network

First of all, Bloody NFT is the representative NFT of our zombie network and an NFT that serves as the governance of the zombie network. In the future, Zombie Network will form a DAO, and we have informed you in advance that the future roadmap and directions will be carried out together with the DAO. This gives the owner of Bloody NFT the right to vote. More details can be found through the DOCS link below.

2. Required conditions for referral compensation

Bloody NFT is one of the prerequisites for a high-level team leader to receive a referral reward, and you must have the required number to receive the reward of the lower-level line for the corresponding stage. As a reward for recommenders, you can receive a part of the tax that occurs when depositing and re-depositing not only your team members but also many participants connected to the team members as a benefit of the team leader. It helps a lot in increasing interest. The number of NFTs required per sub-step to receive the reward can be seen in the picture below.

  • In order to minimize the recommendation reward inflation that may occur in the zombie network due to changes in the price & supply of NFTs, the reference number of lower lines for each stage has been raised. All changes were made by collecting the opinions of the community, and the changed standards are as follows.

3. Rarity

Each Bloody NFT has its own unique stats.

Each part has its own unique abilities, and the abilities are as follows. - Contagiousness (hat): 1~10 - Viability (clothes): 1~10 - Blood absorb (Eyes): 1~10 - Resilience (Accessories): 1~10 - Detection (Ear): 1~10

The above abilities exist for each type (parts), and the range of each ability value is 1 to 10. The higher the stat, the more rarity it is, and only a small number compared to the total issue contains high stats. Each stat is randomly assigned during minting, and you can check the NFT’s unique stats in your inventory.

Currently, there is no special function for the size of each stat, but in the future, we plan to continuously increase the value of Bloody NFT by continuously imposing various functions and benefits using this rarity.

For example, among Bloody holding all parts, the airdrop event may be held for those whose sum of all stats is 10 or higher. As such, the owners of Bloody NFT are highly likely to be selected as beneficiaries of various upcoming events. As such, Zombie Network plans to continuously increase the value of Bloody NFT together with Zombie Network.

Additionally, Bloody NFT can be used as your avatar, and you can decorate your own Bloody through the NFT Store page. This will be used as an avatar that can replace himself with the Bloody he decorated on the bulletin board in the future.

4. Hidden function

In Bloody NFT, there are 5 different stats for each type (part) as follows.

  • Contagiousness (hat)

  • Viability (clothes)

  • Blood absorb (Eyes)

  • Resilience (Accessories)

  • Detection (Ear) => The sum of these stats separates Bloody’s rank.

Tier 1 : 50 points Tier 2: 40 points or more Tier 3 : 30 points or more

Each rank has different benefits to the Zombie network.

We reveal the first hidden feature that corresponds to Tier 3.

Auto Compound

Zombies who own a Tier 3 Bloody NFT add something special to the Compound feature in the Blood Center.Auto Compound’: You can automatically re-deposit once a day through the Auto Compound function according to your choice, without having to make a daily compound. (*The gas cost for automatic compound is paid by the protocol.)

This function is scheduled to be updated in May, and the ‘Auto Compound’ button will appear on the screen for zombies corresponding to Tier 3.

In the future, hidden features for Tier 2 and Tier 1 will be released, and the Zombie Network will continue to develop the value of Bloody NFT.

** Bloody NFT Stat Rare Chance


  1. Airdrop to the top 100 people with the most Bloody NFT buyers (~April 30, 24:00 snapshot) : If the total number of Bloody NFTs purchased during the month of April is 5 or more and you are in the top 100, those users will airdrop some of the BLOOD accumulated as a referral reward in the Protocol wallet. - a) Eligibility: a ) Owner of all parts of Bloody NFT (have all 5 types) b ) Within the top 100 Bloody NFT purchases for the month of Aprilb) — - b)Benefits : a) Airdrop: BLOOD token airdrop equivalent to $250 (quantity is based on 4/30 days)

  2. Authorization to promote the top 10 people with the most Bloody NFT buyers (~April 11, 11:00 am snapshot) : NFT Pre-launching The top 10 people who have purchased the most Bloody NFTs in 5 days will be given publicity bulletin board rights to promote their team during the month of May. The publicity bulletin board on the Team page is the most effective platform for increasing the number of team members as the bulletin board that is first exposed to many zombies who have not chosen a team leader. Therefore, if you purchase Bloody NFT and rank in the top 10, anyone who is not good at external social media promotion can get a chance to build a strong team. - a) Eligibility: a) Within 5 days of pre-launch Bloody NFT purchase volume ranking Top 10 - b) Benefits : a) Grant publicity rights to the publicity bulletin board for the month of May

Bloody NFT is initially sold in limited quantities of 20,000 , and if there is a problem in the supply-demand balance in the market due to a surge in the number of participating zombies in the future, additional NFT may be minted after discussion with the DAO, but the value of Bloody NFT is kept to a minimum by minimizing the quantity.

Supported wallet (Klaytn)

  • KaiKas

  • Klip

  • Metamask

  • Dcent

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