Zombie Network Team & Roadmap

Zombie Network Development Team

The Zombie Network Team is a professional DeFi service development team. It consists of manpower with rich experience in the areas such as blockchain smart contract development, web service development, design, marketing, community management, and partnerships for many years. It is confident in the successful development and operation of the Zombie Network service based on the Klaytn Chain due to the experience of participating in the development and operation of the Klaytn Chain-based DeFi service.

Our team launched DeFi 3.0 concept service on Klaytn Chain through the Zombie Network service for the first time. We will continue to develop related services to expand the ecosystem of the Zombie Network service in the long term and communicate with network participants.


It is necessary to collect enough BLOOD tokens in order to participate in the Zombie Network and reach the maximum profit goal. The price of BLOOD tokens is also very important when you realize profits. The BLOOD token of the Zombie Network is basically a deflationary token, so you can expect the token price to be stable in the long term.

Our team also plans to develop various expansion services by focusing on the direction to expand the use of BLOOD tokens and heighten the value for the long-term maintenance and expansion of the investment ecosystem of the Zombie Network service.

  • High ROI Farming Service: High return DeFi service that has a liquidity pool composed of BLOOD tokens and stable coins

  • P2E Game Service: Zombie theme based P2E game service using BLOOD tokens

  • NFT Application Service: NFT application service where the level of reward varies according to the amount of BLOOD token deposit

  • DAO Service: DAO operation system based on the referral team and Bloody NFT

We will launch new expansion services one by one while concentrating on stable operation and communication with the community after launching the Zombie Network service. There may be some changes according to the market conditions, but when specific plans are determined, we will immediately inform network participants about it.

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