Zombie Network DAO Ecosystem

Purpose of Zombie Network DAO Ecosystem

  • The Zombie Network team wants to transform the Zombie Network project operating system into a DAO ecosystem.

  • We believe that blockchain is a technology of transparency and distribution for participants. To realize the value of such blockchain technology and to realize true decentralized DeFi, we want to make the Zombie Network a project operated through the DAO ecosystem.

  • To this end, we plan to implement the transition to the DAO system in stages from the time of service opening. The authority and responsibility of the DAO will be expanded step by step, and ultimately all operations of the zombie network project will be operated by the DAO.

  • Don't stay as a passive investor, become a DAO member and become the main body of project management. Your collective intelligence is the future of the Zombie Network project.

Zombie Network DAO Membership

  • Regular member: Bloody NFT holders => able to participate in voting (voting rights are based on the number of Bloody NFT holdings)

  • Associate member: BLOOD token depositor => Can propose agenda

Privileges and Roles of the Zombie Network DAO (Step 1)

  • Joint operation of Zombie Network's official SNS community

  • Proposal of regular event policies to support excellent team activities using the Support Community referral reward

  • Suggestion of marketing mix for effective marketing budget operation

  • Proposal for buyback reserve fund operation policy

  • Proposal to develop additional functions for community activities and individual/team investment convenience

  • Proposal to develop new linkage and extension services such as roadmaps

  • Proposal of business partnership with other projects

Roles of the Zombie Network Team

  • Support for DAO ecosystem operation and activities

  • Active reflection of DAO request events and marketing proposals and budget execution (Support Community referral compensation, separate marketing budget, etc.)

  • Efforts to actively reflect DAO request development requirements (additional/convenience functions, new roadmaps, partnership development with other projects, etc.)

Zombie Network DAO Operating Rules and System

  • Defined in consultation with the project team in accordance with established procedures as the main pillar of the DAO member.

  • DAO agenda proposal and voting system: using the snapshot.org platform, etc.

  • DAO Communication Tool: Discord, etc.

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