Application of Verified Core Business Logic

The Zombie Network project reflected the core logic and concept of DRIP Network ( and was developed using the verified open source of DRIP Network. In addition to this, the Zombie Network reflected additional functions and logics to expand and activate the network community, and it will enhance them through the roadmap in the future. ([Reference] Zombie Network Team & Roadmap)

The DRIP Network service is a DeFi service opened based on Binance Chain in April 2021. It has been operating very stably for almost a year, and it is a popular DeFi service that more than 80,000 people are using now, with the number of users rapidly increasing even in recent years when the overall coin markets encounter a period of stagnation. DRIP Network is a verified project that goes through an official audit of Slither. A well-known development team, which has a lot of experience in carrying out several blockchain projects, developed it based on a good design.

The following is a monthly new subscriber trend graph, which shows the growth and stability of the DRIP Network.

The following is a graph comparing the daily price trend of the DRIP tokens in the DRIP Network with that of BTC coins. This shows the stable price support and growth potential of the DRIP token, which is the deflationary token of the DRIP Network, regardless of the BTC coin price trend which symbolizes the cryptocurrency market. The total issuance of the DRIP tokens was 1,000,000, but the amount currently in distribution is less than 100,000.

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