Risk of Bank-run

When there occurs a bank-ran situation where investors withdraw their money all at once and leave the project, the ecosystem of the project have no choice but to collapse, even if it is high interest and high rate of return DeFi service. The same situation may happen to a typical bank in the real world. A bank-run can occur when a serious external condition changes, such as a natural disaster or an economic crisis, but it can also occur when trust in the project and service is broken, or the rate of return falls sharply due to a drop in token price, etc. Therefore, you need to be aware of and pay attention to these risks in advance when making investment decisions.

The Zombie Network is a blockchain-based decentralized financial service (DeFi). The core of Smart Contract of the service that we promised to the network participants is 100% decentralized and operated. All transaction details and results within the project are disclosed, so there is no centralization risk that could break trust. The Zombie Network minimizes the price volatility of BLOOD token by operating a deflationary coin policy and tax system, so we can say that the risk of a bank-run is very low. ([Note] Features of Zombie Network)

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