Notes on Zombie Network Transactions

The Zombie Network provides a high profit service that pays 1% of daily interest profit based on the deposit. However, it takes several measures to limit profit and applies a tax system for the smooth distribution and long-term sustainability of the investment ecosystem.

They are essential to maintain and activate the investment ecosystem of the Zombie Network, but if investors are trading without accurate recognition in advance, they may get unexpected results. Please participate in it after being fully aware of the following.

StaLimit of Maximum 365% Profit based on Deposit: We provide 1% daily interest profit based on the deposit, but the maximum profit is limited to 365% of the deposit.

Although the maximum profit is limited to 365% of the deposit, 365% profit is a fixed return, so we can say that it is not a small amount of return. When you redeposit the interest profit generated every day or receive rewards for investment activities of the lower line through the referral reward system, the deposit will increase, and the maximum profit will also increase up to 365% of the increased deposit.

Deposit withdrawal not allowed: You can’t withdraw the deposit. The amount you deposit directly, the amount that you redeposit as interest profits, the rewards that you obtain through the referral reward system, and the amount that you receive as airdrop are accumulated as the deposit, and you can’t withdraw it directly. ([Reference] 1% Fixed Interest Profit per Day)

Although you can’t withdraw the deposit, it reduces the overall BLOOD token distribution amount and has the effect of increasing the BLOOD token price in the long term. You can't withdraw the deposit, but you can earn maximum 365% profit through 1% interest profit per day, so you can earn more than the principal.

Limit of Max Payout to 100,000: The maximum amount of payable interest that you can obtain after depositing the investment is called the maximum withdrawal amount (Max Payout). Max Payout is calculated as 365% of the deposit. However, this amount is limited to a maximum of 100,000 regardless of the deposit. When you deposit more than 27,398 BLOOD coins, the Max Payout will exceed 100,000 (27,398 x 365% = 100,002). Therefore, when you accumulate more than 27,398 deposits, the deposit will increase, but the maximum amount of interest you can receive does not increase beyond 100,000, so you cannot earn up to 365% of the deposit. ([Reference] Investment Simulation & Investment Strategy)

The Max Payout is limited to 100,000 but reaching 100,000 means that you have secured a large amount of profit. And 100,000 is also a goal that every investor participating in the Zombie Network want to achieve. When your Max Payout reaches 100,000, you don't have to redeposit or make additional deposits, but you just need to withdraw your daily profits.

The maximum withdrawal amount you can receive is fixed, but when your deposit increases, the amount of interest received by 1% per day increases, so you can reach more quickly 100,000, the amount of Max Payout.

Tax System Application: The daily 1% profit and recommendation reward that the network participants obtain are paid from the Tax Pool. For this purpose, we impose 5% to 10% on the various transactions related to BLOOD tokens and fill the Tax Pool. Even the same transaction tax is imposed when you purchase BLD tokens and then sell them without depositing. ([Reference] TAX System & Whale Tax)

The daily 1% fixed interest that the Zombie Network provides is paid through the funds collected in the Tax Pool. The Tax Pool acts as a kind of payment reserves. The Tax System is the foundation and core for the sustainable and stable investment ecosystem of the Zombie Network.

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