Risk of Token Price Volatility

In general, the rate of return of the DeFi service is based on the increase or decrease in the number of tokens provided by the service. In other words, it has a structure in which no matter how high the rate of return, when the token price drops, you may lose the principal. When investing in DeFi services, you must be aware of these aspects.

When it comes to 1% fixed interest per day and profit of up to 365% of the principal, it is also a rate of return for additional token amount that are provided as interest profit for the deposited Blood token amount, just like other Defi services. Therefore, it carries the same risk of token price volatility. However, the Zombie Network reflected various deflationary policies to support BLOOD token price and to help upward momentum when developing this project. ([Reference] Features of Zombie Network > Deflationary Coin) Nevertheless, when you want to avoid the risk of such price volatility, it is desirable to withdraw the investment principal at an appropriate time.

Investors may not obtain the expected profit due to various factors, including market conditions, and may experience losses. The participants take a responsibility for their investments, and Zombie Network is not responsible for the investment.

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