Development team KYC and contract audit

Development team KYC verification

The zombie network is KYC-certified by Assure DeFi ( The Zombie Network team has a top priority to build community trust in the project, and will always strive for better development and sustainability of the Zombie Network service.

You can check the KYC history verified by Assure DeFi at the link below.

The following image is a zombie network KYC-certified NFT image issued by Assure DeFi.

Zombie Network Contract Audit

The business logic and contract parts of the zombie network are the same as those of the drip network. The code used also used Drip Network's open source without modification. The contract has already been audited by Slither. The part that differs from the drip network is the replacement of BR34P Token with NFT. The NFT-related contract was also developed by referring to the audited open source contract, and it is used only as a reference number in the zombie network interworking part. Therefore, all current zombie network contract codes are audited. Even for contract codes that have been audited, it would be more reassuring if the entire audit could be re-examined. However, a unique new contract function will be added when the zombie network service is expanded in the future. At this time, we plan to receive an overall audit by a professional contract audit company with a generous schedule.

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