Investment Simulation & Investment Strategy

The Zombie Network is a low-risk, high-return service which pays interest profit of 1% per day based on the deposit in real time. We run several secure systems such as deposit withdrawal not allowed, tax system (including Whale Tax), limit of 365% return based on deposit, and limit of Max Payout 100,000 BLD for the smooth virtuous cycle and long-term maintenance and expansion of the network ecosystem ([Reference] Features of Zombie Network).

Thanks to this system, participants can obtain different returns depending on the investment method. We have put together some examples of return-on-investment simulation to provide you with accurate investment information. Please refer to this when participating in the Zombie Network investment.

Comparison of 1% Interest Rate Per Day and Rate of Return When Receiving referral Reward

For example, when you purchase 100 Blood tokens, obtain daily interest profit, and withdraw and sell this profit, the substantial return of the 1% daily interest profit is calculated as follows.


BLOOD Token (Down Line 0)

BLOOD Token (Down Line 3)

BLOOD Token (Down Line 5)

Buy Purchase tax is not considered

100 BLD

100 BLD

100 BLD


After deducting 10% of deposit tax

90 BLD

90 BLD

90 BLD

Rewards It assumes that all lower lines deposit 100 BLDs of BLOOD token after purchasing them


27 BLD

45 BLD

Deposits Existing deposit + referral reward

90 BLD

117 BLD

135 BLD

Available 1% interest profit per day

0.9 BLD

1.17 BLD

1.35 BLD

Claim After deducting 10% of Claim Tax

0.81 BLD

1.053 BLD

1.125 BLD

Sell After deducting 10% of Sell Tax

0.729 BLD

0.9477 BLD

1.0935 BLD

Daily Annual rate of return




Annual rate of return (simple interest, APR) Simple interest annual rate of return when withdrawing every day without re-deposit of daily profit




Annual rate of return (compound interest, APY) Compound interest annual rate of return when redepositing every day without withdrawal of daily profit




When you deposit 100 BLD of BLOOD tokens after purchasing them, 10% of deposit tax is deducted and then 90 BLD of BLOOD tokens is deposited. When one day passes after that, a BLOOD token of 0.9 BLD, which is 1% of the daily interest of 90 BLD of the deposit BLOOD token, is generated and accumulated in Available (disposable interest). When you withdraw and send it to your wallet to sell this Available (disposable interest) amount, 0.81 BLD BLOOD tokens are sent to your wallet after 10% of Claim Tax is deducted. When you perform a swap trading with KLAY coins to sell 0.81 BLD BLOD tokens in your wallet, 10% of Sell Tax is deducted and the amount that corresponds to the amount of the BLOOD token of 0.729 BLD is exchanged with KLAY.

In other words, this is a way of receiving 1% interest profit per day, but when you perform your sales after withdrawal, the TAX system, which is one of the key systems of the Zombie Network, is applied, so you can get virtually 0.729% rate of return. When calculated in single interest, the annual rate of return is approximately 266% (0.729% x 365).

However, the Zombie Network operates the referral reward system. When lower line investors who have registered themselves as a referral receive referral rewards for the amount that they invest, the rate of return is even higher. When you redeposit the interest profit accumulated by 1% every day without withdrawing it, daily compound interest is applied, so the annual rate of return increases exponentially. The best investment strategy in the Zombie Network is to maximize your profits by having your acquaintances participate in the investment as lower lines and obtaining compound interest through re-deposits rather than immediate withdrawals.

Comparison of Zombie Network Investment Methods

There are various ways to deposit investment money in the Zombie Network and get profits depending on the investor's investment type. We will provide some investment simulation cases related to the process of investment deposits, withdrawal and sales so that you can understand the tokenomics’ features of the Zombie Network and establish a suitable investment strategy for yourself.

All Claim

All Compound

Compound & Claim

Investment Method

A method that you withdraw and sell 1% profit every day without redepositing after depositing

A method that you withdraw and sell it every day, after you redeposit it as much as possible without withdrawing after depositing and the Max Payout reaches 100,000.

A method that you withdraw and sell it every day, after you redeposit it one day and you withdraw and sell it another day, and the Max Payout reaches 100,000.


100 BLD

100 BLD

100 BLD

Initial Deposits (After Deposit Tax)

90 BLD

90 BLD

90 BLD

Final Deposit

90 BLD

(after 365 days)

27,396 BLD

(after 613 days)

27,349 BLD

(after 1263 days)

Max Payout

about 328 BLD

about 99,995 BLD

about 99,826 BLD

Cumulative sales (After Claim Tax, Sell Tax, Whale Tax)

about 266 BLD

about 39,455 BLD

about 39,478 BLD

Investment Period

365 days

867 days (The period to Max Payout varies depending on the size of the deposit.)

1,383 days (The period to Max Payout varies depending on the size of the deposit.)

Cumulative rate of return




Average annual rate of return




Max Payout has a limit, so it can reach 365% of deposits but cannot exceed up to 100,000 BLDs. Therefore, the maximum amount of deposit that you can increase through redeposit is approximately 27,397 BLD (27,397 x 365% = 99,999). Even if you increase your deposit beyond that, your Max Payout will not increase by more than 100,000 BLD, so you don’t have to increase your deposit any more.

When you make more redeposits than withdrawals regardless of the investment method, you can reach the Max Payout of 100,000 BLD and sell more than 39,000 BLD. When you consistently make redeposits regardless of the initial deposit amount, you can reach Max Payout of 100,000 BLD. The difference in the initial investment amount only determines how long it takes to reach Max Payout of 100,000 BLD.

In short, the fastest method to get the maximum return is to increase the amount of Deposit by steadily performing Compound (re-deposit). The deposit includes the amount of direct deposit, the amount received from airdrop, the referral reward, and the amount of re-deposit. Although the initial direct deposit amount is small, you can reach the maximum amount in a short time by continuously redepositing, operating a referral team, and increasing the amount of referral rewards.

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