Long-Term Sustainability of Zombie Network

In general, Can the sustainability of the DeFi project continuously guarantee the token return that the project promises? Can the price of the corresponding token be maintained, and the actual return continuously guaranteed? The project must have more than a certain number of participants, and new users must continue to participate to keep the project healthy in the long term.

The Zombie Network has built toknomics based on Smart Contract, which guarantees a fixed return of 1% per day. No one can interfere and this contract concluded with the participants will be maintained for as long as the project continues. The interest profit of 1% per day promised to participants is paid very stably through the Tax Pool operated through the special tax system of the Zombie Network. Although the tax system is operated to pay interest profit of 1% per day, it also has the effect of increasing the stability of the project by making participants to stay in the network for a longer time through redeposit, which allows them to get more than the amount that they pay as tax ([Reference] Features of Zombie Network > Tax System).

10% tax is imposed on the sale of BLOOD tokens. A high profit of 1% per day on the deposit is provided after deducting 10% of the amount of BLOOD tokens sold, but the deposit cannot be withdrawn at once, so it has the effect of limiting daily withdrawal. Thus, we can say that it's an effective policy to enhance the stability of the project. A significant number of investors in the existing DeFi projects have suffered losses due to short-term trading-oriented investments, which has often an adversely effect on the projects. But the Zombie Network is the project where participants stay for a long time and regularly maximize their profits. In addition, it enhances the sustainability of the network by limiting the amount to be obtained up to 365% of the deposit according to the Max Payout (maximum withdrawal amount) rule and controlling the amount not to exceed the maximum of 100,000.

The Zombie Network is designed to reflect various policies based on deflationary tokens to protect against price volatility of the token. Due to the tokenomics structure of the Zombie Network, the distribution amount of BLOOD tokens decreases gradually. As the network is activated, the upward momentum of the token price increases ([Reference] Features of Zombie Network > Deflationary Token).

The Zombie Network operates a unique referral reward system. Thanks to this system, network participants can continuously increase based on a strong community by utilizing acquaintance / SNS marketing, and the network power can be further strengthened ([Reference] Features of Zombie Network > referral Reward System).

We will continue to open related projects to continuously grow up the Zombie Network and BLOOD tokens and expand the ecosystem. ([Reference] Zombie Network Team & Roadmap)

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