Zombie strategy using UFO swap

New investment strategy using UFO swap

Zombie Network has partnered with UFO swap to create a new pool with the BLOOD and Stable Token, USDC.

Previously, we could buy or sell BLOOD token as KLAY through our own swap on our website. The reason is that the BLOOD token was paired with KLAY coin. We have a BLOOD-KLAY pair in our own dex. Therefore, the volatility of the KLAY price directly affects the BLOOD. For this reason, BLOOD prices may fall a lot or be greatly affected even though the sale of BLOOD tokens was not significant.

However, when BLOOD and Stables are paired, the pool is no longer affected by the KLAY price, and the BLOOD price is formed.

As a result, there will be a difference in the BLOOD price of Zombie Network's own DEX and UFO swap DEX, but the BLOOD price will find the average value through user arbitrage due to the price difference. Currently, the BLOOD-KLAY pool is highly liquid, so it will still be affected to some extent by KLAY, but over time, as many BLOODs are traded in less volatile UFO swaps, many liquidity will be transferred to the BLOOD-USDC pool. Finally, the BLOOD token can be maintained as a stable pool that is not affected by market prices. This is why you created the BLOOD Stable Pool on the zombie network.

But besides these fundamental advantages, there are many ways that zombie network holders can benefit directly, and I'll explain it in detail below.

As shown in the above image, there are two ways to use the BLOOD token to earn additional revenue.

  1. Receipt of UFO Token Rewards through BLOOD-oUSDC LP Deposit (Farming)

  2. BLOOD token Airdrop via Staking in UFO Vault for Zombie

The first method is to provide liquidity to the BLOOD-oUSDC pool in UFO swap and deposit the BLOOD-oUSDC LP obtained through liquidity supply into Farm to receive UFO tokens as compensation. At this point, the pool is a high-yield pool with an APR of 750%, and you can expect a high return. By providing liquidity, the zombie network ecosystem is recommended as a way to maintain and raise the price volatility of the BLOOD token in a more stable pool operation, which is beneficial to the ecosystem, and at the same time, to earn high interest rates in a personal way.

The second method is to purchase a UFO token through the above process or swap and deposit it in a vault that rewards BLOOD among the many vaults on the Staking page. If you deposit it in the corresponding vault, you will receive a BLOOD as a reward. However, since the reward BLOOD is not paid as a wallet, it goes into the zombie network deposit of the wallet through Airdrop, so many UFO users have a lot of opportunities to participate in the zombie network, and there is no selling tax due to the BLOOD paid by the vault. The vault also pays high-yield BLOOD interest as compensation, so you can take the stable BLOOD token deposit operation method of 1% per day as well as the high-yield BLOOD token deposit operation method as a new strategy.

As shown above, the partnership with the UFO swap team will allow you to take a more diverse portfolio of investments from Zombie network.

UFO SWAP Usage Guide

Please refer to the UFO swap Docs for more detailed information on how to use UFO swap, and below, we will briefly introduce only the methods related to BLOOD.

UFO swap DOCS : https://ufoswapfi.gitbook.io/korean/how-to/2.swap

  1. Providing liquidity a. Access the UFO swap website, select the DEX menu at the top, and go to the Pool page as shown in the picture. When you go to the Pool page, there is a BLOOD-oUSDC pool in the center of the screen, and click the 'Pure' button.

b. When you click the Deposit button, the Liquidity Supply window appears on the screen. When you use it for the first time, there may be a notice asking you to use the "Enable Token" button below to activate it.

c. When Enable is enabled, the prompt disappears. If you enter the amount of BLOOD tokens that you want to supply liquidity, the amount of USDC tokens that are automatically paired will be entered. Review the contents and click the 'Supply' button below.

d. The screen will be changed to finally check the liquidity supply details, and after checking the contents, click the 'Confirm Supply' button to request a transaction.

e. When the request is completed normally, you can see that my BLOOD-oUSDC liquidity is supplied to the 'My Deposit List' column at the top of the screen. When you supply liquidity, you will receive an LP token for that pair. You can earn a UFO token as a reward by Staking this LP token.

f. Click the Farm button under the 'DEX' menu button at the top of the screen to go to the Farm page. You can see that there is a BLOOD-oUSDC LP item in the middle of the list. Click the 'Yes' button.

g. Click the 'Purchase' button and the 'LP Token Deposit' window will appear on the screen. Enter the quantity of BLOOD-oUSDC LP obtained through liquidity supply a while ago. (You can enter the quantity conveniently by clicking the max button.) Enter the quantity and click the 'deposit' button.

h. Once the deposit is complete, you can check out my BLOOD-oUSDC LP staked in the 'My Deposit List' section at the top of the Farms page. If you deposit for one year, you can receive the return percentage in the APR column as a UFO token.

i. Click the 'Reward Receipt' button to receive accumulated compensation and the 'Reward Receipt' window will appear on the screen as below. Click the 'OK' button to request a transaction and the corresponding number of 'UFO' tokens will enter my wallet.

BLOOD vault on the Staking page of UFO Swap will update the usage guide after the feature is released on UFO swap.

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